Hello and welcome!

In the articles linked on the right you will find answers to those important questions we all ask whether you are a parent; wish to support a parent you know; have a child with unique health and emotional needs, or one that is just unique!

Even when we are doing a good job we feel we could do better and when we feel we’re not.. well, then that’s always been the time that I’ve tried to find support. The internet is a great way to find this without being patronised. However, it can also give a person false information. With years of experience as a step-mother, mother, nurse, childminder and tutor I have decided to put my knowledge together with referenced material to share my discoveries.

So now you too will know what to play when your child is bored; activities that can include both your child with special needs and your child without and what to expect in unusual circumstances. These will include becoming a step parent, losing a loved one and how to prepare for nurses coming into your house to provide homecare.

You will also find information on charities, resources, health professionals and organisations that may be able to help you in each given situation. So happy reading and don’t forget to get in contact to share your experiences, ask questions or complain. We are all learning tll the day we die.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m really interested to find out more! I have one that is very ‘unique’ so will be closely following your advice 🙂 Welcome to the land of blogging x

    • Thank you and welcome.. you will find a list of the articles written so far in the side bar. In this weather I suggest ‘inclusive activities- what to do in the wond, rain and snow?’ Personally I prefer the sun shining at this time of year! Happy reading x

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