A bit of fun: Top names for girls in spring 2013

June 2009 094

by NicciLouise

Let’s start with the girls!

Top of the list for girls this spring is Amelia, closely followed by Olivia in second place and Ruby in third. The following list shows the top ten names this spring [1] and next to each I have taken the liberty of letting you know what the names would mean too

1) Amelia- has German origins and means ‘industrious’ [2]. If you change the last ‘a’ to ‘e’ then you will have  a popular french name too and one that has been made famous by a movie of the same name.

2) Olivia– has English origins and means ‘flourishing’. As a note it also made it onto the top 50 most popular names of the 1990’s list [2].

3) Ruby– has French origins and unsurprisingly means ‘precious jewel’ [2].

4) Jessica– has Hebrew origins and simply means ‘rich’. Which sounds good to me! Not only is it a ‘celebrity name’ it also makes it onto the list of good names for children of lesbian and gay couples. If you are not sure what to make of that then perhaps knowing that it is listed as a good English name for both powerful and beautiful women may sway you. Knowing all this perhaps it is not surprising then that it was also the most popular girls name of the 1980’s [2]

5) Isla– I can’t help you here! But Isa mean ‘lively’ and Isela ‘giving’ [2] I can also think of a female celebrity called Isla. Someone who found she had a knack for comedy when the search of a part in serious drama let her down.

6) Emily– Well, this was the name of my sisters beloved rag doll. She had green hair, but don’t let that put you off! With its German origin Emily means ‘poised’ and through its English origin means ‘competitor.’ It makes it onto the ‘comfy’ names girls like having list and the list of good names for a future lawyer. Country and western fans among you may also know of someone who shares this name [2].

7) Grace – has Latin origins and simply means ‘graceful’. It is a popular name over in Australia, and would make a good name for an architect [2]. What! Now I really do think they are just pulling these names out of hats..

8) Sophie– has Greek origins and like Sofia means ‘wise one.’ Not only will this name ensure your daughter is popular, but apparently it will give her a ‘leg up in life’ [2].

9) Poppy comes from Latin and it is the name of a flower, but also means ‘bouncy’. You will find it on the ‘names that make you smile’ list for playful personalities. But, don’t worry, it is not supposed to lead to teasing unlike Sweatpea or Precious with the latter leading to your little one feeling a little bit weird [2].

10) Ava– originates from Latin and encompasses ‘pretty’ and ‘delicate bird’. Apparently it is for a beautiful girl and it will help to make her popular. My friend’s daughter is certainly a delight, but I think it has more to do with her parents.

But what do you think? Does a name make the child?

If you have any names that you are interested to know the meaning of then drop me a reply to this article and I will see what I can do. If you want to see the top ten names for the boys then you will have to stay tuned by clicking ‘follow’ and that way you know you wont miss anything.


1) Bounty membership post (2013) Top girls’ names in February 2013 [www] http://www.bounty.com/baby-names/top-girls-names-february 20th March 2013

2) Stafford, D (2003) 40,0001 Best baby names: the very best naming book ever. Chatham: CPI Mackays


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