A bit of fun: Top names for boys in spring 2013

by NicciLouise

Let’s bring on the boys!

Top of the list for the boys this spring is Jack which has fought it’s way to number one by knocking Oliver down to second place. That leaves Harry in third place [1]; an English name given as a nick name to the cheeky brother of the future king of England.

The following list shows the top ten names this spring [1] and next to each I have taken the liberty of letting you know what the names could mean too.

1) Jack – means ‘personality-plus,’ as well as having origins in Hebrew to mean ‘believer in a greater God’. Not only is it described as a comfy name that boys like having, but it is also deemed a respectable name for a smart boy, or even a future lawyer! It is a popular British name that translates well  into French [2].

2) Oliver – means ‘loving nature’ and comes from Latin. Surely there can’t be anything better than a loving son? But, be warned if you are faint hearted as Oliver is apparently  also a great name for a racing car driver![2]

3) Harry – is a famous English name and means ‘home ruler’. Worry not! If you have more practical ambitions for your son as it makes a good name for a mechanic too[2].

4) Charlie – come from German origins and means ‘manly.’ It is described as a cute name that has become popular again and it’s counterpart Charles made it on to the most popular list for the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s [2]. Charles may be the next King of England, but Charlie has also been the most common street name for cocaine for some years now, so your son may not thank you when he’s older.

5) Jacob -is a biblical name that has Hebrew origins. It means ‘replacement’ or ‘best boy’, [2] so you may want a rethink if you are planning on having more than one son, particularly if you have one already!

6) Oscar – has scandanivian origins and means ‘divine’. It is apparently well suited to a future artist [2]

7) Alfie – is an English name that was originally the shortened version of Alfred [2]. Alfie is also the name of a famous film staring Michael Caine, or Jude Law (depending on your era) and is about a womaniser in the swinging sixties, although, be warned, his life does not always swing in the right directon!

8) Thomas – comes from Greece and means ‘twin’ or ‘look-a-like’. It made it onto the 50 most popular names list of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

9) James – is an English name and means ‘dependable’ or ‘steadfast’. It was in the top 7 most popular boys names for three decades throughout the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s . It is a regal sounding name for ‘mr perfect’ that would suit an aspiring doctor. It also makes a good Irish name [2].

10) George – has Greek origins and means ‘land-loving’ or ‘farmer.’ It is a regal name that, again, would suit a future doctor.


1) Bounty membership post (2013) Top girls’ names in February 2013 [www] http://www.bounty.com/baby-names/top-girls-names-february 20th March 2013

2) Stafford, D (2003) 40,0001 Best baby names: the very best naming book ever. Chatham: CPI Mackays

I hope you enjoyed this information and don’t forget if you are interested in ‘the girls’ then you will find them in the precedding article to this one.


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