A note from NicciLouise: I was impressed with this unpublished children’s story, and thought you may be too. One day, perhaps even with your help, you may be able to hold it in your hand in book format. Thank you for sharing it ‘Field Notes from Fatherhood’

Field Notes From Fatherhood

skippingpagesI’ve written a kids’ story. Well, I’ve written a few, actually. I’d like to get them published, but haven’t had any luck thus far. Anyway, I thought I might share this one with you all.

This would be a picture book, obviously, probably for ages 3-6, but you’ll have to use your imaginations to conjure up the crazy creatures that keep sneaking into the little boy’s room, since I’m certainly no artist.

Let me know what you think – I’d love some feedback. And if you happen to be in the children’s book publishing business, that ‘contact’ button has your name all over it.

The Haftapee

I’ve kissed your head, I’ve said goodnight,
The covers are tucked, off goes the light.

But wait! But wait! It’s not too late,
The Haftapee has just shimmied in,
Dancing a wee-jig with his guilty little grin,
Let’s go sit on the potty, let’s…

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