About the Author

Me: NicciLouise

Parent, mother, nurse, childminder, tutor and published writer.

I am married to a wonderful man and I have worked either through paid work, or as a volunteer throughout most of London and Kent as well as in Sydney, Australia and Ghana, West Africa.

I really enjoyed my time at the rural health clinic delivering babies, prescribing medication and setting up an outreach project. But the job that I am most proud of is that of a mother and a step mother, or as we prefer a parent by association. Why? Because it is the hardest and most rewarding job anyone can undertake and the long journey starts from the moment you decide to have children!

My husband and I don’t believe that family should be dictated by who shares whose blood and we look forward to fostering in the future.

I have had many hobbies over the years from extreme sports such as scuba diving, skiing, horseriding and sky diving to the more sedate flute playing, reading, swimming and walking. I am a published creative writer and I have a particular interest in period pieces especially in regards to the Victorian period.

My Work..

*NMC registered nurse since 2002
*Nursed in most NHS PICU, NICU and cardiac ICU‘s
*Charge nurse of private PICU in London
*Two years working in intensive care in Australia
*Operating theatre nurse
*Nurse in special needs schools and nurseries
*Parental teaching and advice inc emergency care
*Home care and roles linked with community
*Early years Ofsted rated ‘Good’ Childminder since 2010
*Childcare in homes and hotels accross London throughout nurse training
*Care assistant of adults with severe autism and learning difficulties.
*Tutor of children from age 5- 15 years

My volunteer work…

*Helping at an afterschool club for children with social and emotional needs.
* Taking ventilated children on days out; residential camp outs; up climbing walls; horseriding and on speed boats with my rigid inflatable boat licence.
* Looking after and entertaining the elderly at a day centre.
* In rural Africa helping to set up a clinic, heading an outreach project to surrounding villages and teaching student clinic workers. In the absence of a doctor I diagnosed, prescribed medication,found funding for poor villagers and delivered babies including a twin of 950grams (on the one day when the traditional birth assistant was absent!) I also supported the health of the children at the local orphanage.


*11 GCSE’s grade A-C
*A level Biology, French and Psychology
*DipHE Nursing (Child)
*Cardiac and Critical care course
*Post graduate certificate Understanding Autism
*Degree Level unit in Infectious Diseases
*Degree Level unit in Creative Writing
*Advanced Life support
*St Johns First Aid Course
*Basic Sign Language
*Introduction to Childcare Practise course (ICP)
*Level 3 Safeguarding Children
*Epilepsy yearly update
*Ventilation yearly update
*Tracheostomy yearly update
*Yearly Nurse training inc BLS, mannual handling, fire and food safety

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Thank you. I enjoy your blog and am pleased to be able to link to it. I have taken your comment and used it as advice and added a ‘contact me’ page to this blog. So again I thank you for helping me to improve on something that I am still feeling my way with. I hope you managed a relaxing, uninterrupted read last night!

  2. Hi there. hope you dont mind me dropping you a message on here as i cant see that you have an email address or a contact page. just wanted to say thank you for following my blog and for including linkbacks to my posts within your blog posts. i really appreciate it. I have followed you back as your blog is right up my street and i look forward to reading your future posts. going to catch up on your others tonight when the little ones are tucked in. đŸ™‚ x

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